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Submersible Water Pumps

Submersible water pumps are a popular choice for many water applications. Unlike a centrifugal pump
which pulls water up into the the well pump body, submersible water pumps use centrifugal force to
push the water up. Submersible water pumps are used in wells, water storage tanks or in lakes and
creeks where they can push the water to your desired location.

Submersible pumps have very few maintenance issues which makes them a popular choice for
applications that need little attention. They are efficient due to no power being wasted in the priming or
cooling functions. Sine the pump is submersed in the water, there is no need for priming and the water
keeps the motor cool. Unlike a jet well pump, submersible water pumps do not need to be free of sand
or debris.

When considering using a submersible water pump it is strongly advised that you contact a professional
like J&J Pumps, Inc. for help with sizing and installation.
You want a pump with enough capacity to
handle your needs without going overboard. Because the entire pump is submersed in the water, motor
and all, it is highly recommended for installation to be completed by professionals. The wiring for the
motor must use high quality materials that withstand leaks and the constant changing temperatures.
Also many submersible water pumps must be installed in sleeves. The sleeve forces water over the
pump motor to keep it cool during operation.

J&J Pumps, Inc offer submersible water pumps in a wide range of capacities and bowl sizes to fit any
application. If you are having an issue with an existing submersible water pump, give us a call and we
can help you troubleshoot the issue and also ship you the appropriate replacement parts in a quick and
efficient manner. We carry and offer parts for most submersible water pumps. Whether you need a
single pump, a motor or all the accessories..give us a call and put our years of knowledge and expertise
to work for you.

Submersible Pumps

Schaefer Model: 4" Legend 5 - 25 GPM - Submersible Pump

  • 5 performance ranges - 5, 7, 10, 18 &25 GPM
  • Ceramic shaft sleeve and rubber discharge bearing protect shaft and eliminate sand wear
  • Intermediate bearing included in 5-25 GPM units greater than 24" in length and/or 2 hp and higher to provide improved shaft stability
  • Thermoplastic impellers and stages for maximum efficiency.
  • Thermoplastic and stainless steel models include built-in removable check valve system
  • Urethane Eye & Hub Seals are remarkably resistant to abrasives, allowing sand and other abrasives to pass through each stage without wear or damage
  • Powered by Franklin corrosion-resistant 4" submersible motors
  • Maximum water temperature 120° F. Consult factory for further details.
  • Built in section screen on thermoplastic units, and removable suction screen on stainless steel units prevents debris from clogging impellers and provides full flow performance

Schaefer Model: 4" Legend 35 - 90 GPM - Submersible Pump

  • 4 performance ranges - 35, 45, 60 &90 GPM
  • Stainless steel discharge head and motor bracket
  • High flow impellers and stages are glass-filled Noryl for maximum efficiency (Noryl® is a Registered Trademark of G.E.)
  • Ceramic shaft sleeve and rubber discharge bearing eliminates sand wear
  • Intermediate bearing for increased shaft stability
  • Floating eye and hub seals for improved performance and efficiency
  • Stainless steel hex pump shaft, shell and shaft coupling
  • High capacity upthrust assembly for protection during start-up and operation (45, 60 and 90 GPM)
  • Powered by Franklin's corrosion-resistant 4" submersible motors
  • 2" NPT Discharge Tapping
  • Check valve must be ordered separately

Schaefer Model: 4" Legend 50 - 75 GPM - Submersible Pump

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel discharge head and motor bracket
  • Stainless steel shaft, shell, intake screen and cable shield for corrosion resistance and longer life
  • Stainless steel wear ring and Urethane floating eye seal for improved performance and efficiency
  • Glass-filled Noryl impeller stage assemblies for incredible strength and durability (Noryl® is a Registered Trademark of G.E.)
  • Ceramic shaft sleeve and rubber dicharge bearing minimizes bearing wear and shaft misalignment without affecting pump efficiency
  • 3" NPT tapping heavy-duty stainless steel discharge head
  • NEW Fastener kit suppplied for both 4" and 6" motors
  • Enables 5 - 10 HP units to be mounted either a 4" or 6" submersible motor
  • One year unconditional warranty against failure from sand locking in abrasive well conditions

Schaefer Model: 4" Legend 5 - 22 GPM - Submersible Pump

  • Available with thermoplastic discharge and motor bracket or stainless steel discharge and motor bracket
  • Ceramic bearing sleeve has proven its durability with years of flawless performance in our SandHandler™ submersible
  • Hex rubber bearing has an extra large surface to assure shaft stability and multiple flow channesl to keep small particulates away from bearing surfaces
  • Celcon® disk allows for close tolerances for increased performance (Celcom® is a Registered Trademark of the Celanese Corporation)
  • Stainless steel upthrust washer prevents excessive wear in severe applications
  • Bulit-in suction screen on thermoplastic units, and removable suction screen on stainless steel units prevents debris from clogging impellers and provides full flow performance
  • Stainless steel shaft features high quality, premium materials at a competitive price
  • Powered by Franklin corrosion resistant motors

We Also carry:

  • Goulds 5"-10" Texas submersible turbine pumps ranging from 5-150hp
  • Goulds &Franklin 6" submersible water pumps ranging from 1-1/2hp – 40hp
  • Berkeley Submersible Water Pumps Ranging from 6"-10" with flows from 50-1900gpm
  • Red Jacket Submersible Water Pumps Ranging from 1/2hp 4" up to 6" producing from a range of 5gpm-300gpm
  • Myers Submersible Water Pumps Ranging from 3"-6" with flows from 5gpm – 600gpm up to depths of 1400' LO! 6" Models come with slim 5-1/4" Bowls to provide easy installation in 6" wells.
  • Wolf Submersible Water Pumps Ranging from 4"-8" with flows from 75-1,000 gallons per minute
  • Flint &Walling Submersible Water Pumps Ranging from 4"-6" with flows from 5gpm-325gpm
  • American Marsh Submersible Water Pumps Ranging from 4"–8" with flow from 40-390gpm
  • Fairbanks Morse &Much much more!

Submersible pump sizing help
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Submersible water pumps should provide many years of reliable service. Here are some tips that will ensure you get the longest life out of your new pump:

Have a professional pump installer or well driller size the pump. The employees at local big box hardware stores do not know how to properly size pumps.

Selecting the right size pump for the job is crucial. Choosing too big a pump (Horsepower, HP) will not only waste energy($), but will cause it to fail prematurely.

Pumps should not be selected based off of horsepower ratings alone! Although submersible well pumps come coupled together, the pump and motor are generally two different units. The motor has a rating and the pump has a rating. Different capacity pumps (gallon per minute, GPM) can be coupled to a motor. For example, a onehorsepower motor can be coupled to a one-horsepower 5gpm pump, 7gpm pump, 10gpm, 18gpm, etcetera!

Know that “horsepower” is a term that rates the power of the motor and “GPM” rates the capacity of the pump. This combination needs to be selected carefully! If not, you run the risk of ruining the pump on start up, not getting the water to its destination, wasting energy, reducing the life span of the pump and or voiding warranty!

Consider this application: You require a submersible pump to transfer water from one tank to another. The second tank is 480’ vertically higher in elevation than the pump.

A one-horsepower motor with a 5gpm pump can lift 5 gallons per minute 480’ straight-up whereas a one-horsepower motor with a 10gpm pump can only lift 10gpm up 300’ If you selected the 10gpm pump with a one-horsepower motor, it wouldn’t pump a drop of water out the end of your pipe.

If 10gpm is desired flow rate the horsepower would need to be increased. Please note, if you are replacing an existing pump: As long as it lasted a reasonable amount of time and provided satisfactory pressure/volume you should attempt to replace it with the most equivalent pump available. If you have the following data on the pump and were satisfied with its service, we should be able to provide a quote for the same pump or a close equivalent.


Please fill out as much information as possible.

Are you replacing an existing pump?

Yes No

If yes, please answer the following questions:

Were you satisfied with its performance?

Yes No

How many years did it last?

Diameter of pump and motor:

  • 3"
  • 4"
  • 5"
  • 6"
  • 8"
Manufacturer of pump:
Manufacturer of motor:
Model number of pump:
Gallons Per Minute (GPM) rating of pump:
Serial number of pump:
Motor Horsepower:


1PH - Single phase power is commonly available for residential applications

3 PH- Three phase power is more commonly available at commercial/agricultural properties


60 Hz 50 Hz

America is usually 60 hz

The pump being replaced is a:

Three wire pump (2 wire plus ground)
Four wire pump (3 wire plus ground)

The difference is that a two wire pump does not use a control box. The starting components are built into the motor. A three wire pump uses a control box that is located above ground.

Water Source:

  • 3"
  • 4"
  • 5"
  • Please explain:

Well data, if applicable:

Please fill out as much information as possible.

Depending on where you are located a well log might have been submitted by the driller who constructed the well. Try contacting the well driller for this information. Sometimes a state agency will keep well logs. For example, in Northern California the DWRDepartment of Water Resources is responsible for keeping these records.

Estimated capacity of well, in gallons per minute (GPM)?

What is the standing (static) water level in your well?

Measured from the top of the well down to the water Ft.

What is the pumping water level in your well? Ft.

If it exists, this information can be found on the well log. The pumping water level is where the static water level drops to when the pump is running for a long period of time. It is usually unknown and is not the depth the pump is set at. This information can be obtained by performing a well draw down test. Sufficient water is the most important element required for any land development project! This test should be performed before putting any considerable investment into a property.

Any elevation difference between top of the well and final destination of water? Slope is irrelevant. Total lift measured from top of well (at ground level) up to the final destination of water. This information can be obtained using a GPS unit. Ft. End of well data section

Application Data

Intended use of water:

  • Irrigation
  • Domestic
  • Both
  • Please explain:

How many gallons per minute is required for your application?

Should not be more than the well / water source produces or you will over draft the source.


How much pressure is required?

50-60 psi is typical for residential home use Psi

Size (diameter) of drop pipe (pipe down the well)

Size (diameter) of pipe running from well to house

Farthest distance pump will be pumping (main line) Diameter of pipe

The pump being replaced is a:

Will the water system be using a pressure tank? Yes No

Description of tank or discharge path:
  • Bladder Tank
  • Galvanized / Air over water
  • Non-Pressurized Holding Tank
  • Reservoir, Canal, Weir, Etc.
  • Directly to sprinkler system
  • Please explain:

Description of lelectrical:

How far away is the main power from the well? "The breakers for the hosue"




Pump &motor manufacturer preference if applicable

Would you be interested in a constant pressure pump system? Yes No

If you would like a freight quote please provide your shipping address in the messge field.

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Thanks for contacting us. We will get in touch with you soon!
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