Shallow well jet pumps can be used to pump water from shallow, any surface water source, or to boost water from storage tanks, spring boxes, etcetera. These pumps are usually limited to suctions less than 25ft. deep. However, the elevation at which the pump is located above sea level and have a major impact on how much vertical suction lift a pump can overcome. Most often these are best on wells that are less than 25-foot deep. Deeper wells or wells with a water level lower than 25ft. below ground surface will require a deep well jet pump. Some of these pumps are multi-stage which just means that they have more than one impeller. Multi-stage pumps are often used to overcome higher head or pressure on the discharge side of the pump.

We sell and install centrifugal well water pumps as well as service existing pumps. We also have rebuild kits available if a full blown replacement is not in your budget at this time. Don't know what size you need for your well? Give us a call or fill out the centrifugal pump quotation form and one of our professional staff will be happy to help you. We can also help you find a replacement for your old pump. Simply give us a call and give us the information on your current pump and we will find your replacement.

Not getting enough water pressure from your existing system? Our professional staff can design a centrifugal well water pump system that will give you the water flow you need for your application.

Goulds submersible pump

Submersible water pumps are a popular choice for many water applications. Unlike a centrifugal pump which pulls water up into the the well pump body, submersible water pumps use centrifugal force to push the water up. Submersible water pumps are used in wells, water storage tanks or in lakes and creeks where they can push the water to your desired location.

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