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Constant Pressure Pumps

Not getting enough water pressure from your existing system? Our professional staff can design a centrifugal well water pump system that will give you the water flow you need for your application.

Variable Speed on Demand Constant Pressure Pumps

Constant pressure pumps allow your appliances to run more efficiently, let you use water when you want and even run multiple faucets, showers and appliances at the same time without sacrificing water pressure.

Normally a well water pump is set to run between 40psi to 60 psi, depending upon the size and type of pump you use. The water pump maintains the pressure in your bladder tank at the desired PSI. Once the water pressure in the tank reaches the minimum pressure, the water pumps kicks on to build pressure back up again. When you use multiple sources of water at the same time, you notice a loss in pressure until the pump brings it back up.

Constant pressure pumps eliminate the water pressure drop by keeping the pressure at a constant setting. This enables you and your family to use water whenever you want without losing pressure. Take a shower and maintain the same pressure even if your clothes washer is running and someone flushes the toilet. However, keep in mind that any time you try and use more water (gallons per minute) than the pump can output, there will be a pressure loss. This is true for both conventional and constant rate pump systems. There has to be volume in order to have pressure. A constant pressure pump also adds value to your home in the process and works with most existing bladder style water tanks.

J&J Pumps, Inc. has the constant pressure pump to fit your needs regardless of your current tank size and water usage needs. We offer submersible and non-submersible constant pressure pumps, complete do-it-yourself kits which we ship nationwide. We also supply controllers that can be retrofitted to your existing standard submersible water pump so it delivers like a constant pressure water well pump.

Constant pressure pumps are ideal for industrial, municipal and agricultural settings as well as residential applications. J&J Pumps, Inc also has commercial VFD and constant pressure boosters available, and we can tailor a custom variable frequency drive specifically for your unique application.

Sometimes variable frequency drive systems aren’t perfect for your application. A good alternative to consider is the cycle stop valve (CSV). Cycle stop valves offer a lot of the same benefits of constant pressure at a significant cost savings. However, cycle stop valves do not protect the pump against anything other than cycling. They can not be programmed. A cycle guard valve is completely mechanical so does not require electricity.

Constant water pressure so easy that you can do-it-yourself!

City like water pressure with the taste of refreshing well water! Submersible and non-submersible type’s available, complete do-it-yourself packages or controllers that can be retro fitted to your old standard submersible pump to deliver like a constant pressure water well pump. Industrial/ municipal/ agricultural/ building trade models available as well as constant pressure boosters and commercial VFD’. Also custom variable frequency drives tailored to your application.

  • Add value to your home!
  • Use water whenever you want to and get the same pressure wherever you are in your house!
  • Accommodate a wide range of flow demand
  • Everyone using water at the same time
  • Just washing your hands
  • Save space with a smaller pressure tank
  • Turf irrigation systems work better - spray patterns are more consistent, even distribution of water
  • Appliances work better – fill the washing machine faster means the wash gets done faster
  • Water treatment systems are more efficient
  • Protect your investment – SubDrives and MonoDrives are equipped with pump protection features
  • Works with pressure tanks already in place

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